The demand for housing is on the rise, so if you were ever waiting for a good opportunity to sell a house or look for a cozier living space, now is the time to downsize! The housing market is as hot as it’s ever been. In some areas, homes are going under contract almost as soon as they come on the market and prices keep going up. For those who have held onto homes over the years, this is a great opportunity to comfortably settle down and move into a smaller living space. If the comfort of extra cash isn’t appealing alone, it is good to keep in mind that downsizing comes with lots of benefits as well.

Homes can become bloated with stuff and giving up some of the clutter can help you appreciate the possessions that you hold the most valuable. It can definitely be hard to let go of our belongings, but this can be yet another opportunity. That second TV may serve no purpose in a smaller home, so you can resale it for extra funds. Just be sure to find a space for the things that you cannot part with in your new place. Another benefit that you will find when you decide that it is time to downsize, is there will be less maintenance with a smaller space! Cleaning and navigating a smaller area can free up more of your time and let you focus on activities that you’d rather be doing than keeping up with chores.

With all of this being said, your time frame for a new home should be set to when you are ready. However, if you’ve put off moving for a while, this window of opportunity can be a nice incentive to realize now would be a good time to downsize!


Are you wanting to stay in your home and just need help organizing, to make it a safer and better place to live. Maybe you want or need to downsize into something more manageable. Let us know your needs and we will get right back with you.