Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I’m planning to move, but don’t know where to start.   How can you help me?

We are here to help with your move, as we understand that moving always involved some degree of stress.    We will start by first assessing your current situation as well as share the services we offer that can make your move easier.   Some people just need a head start at organizing and planning, whereas others prefer full hands-on help from decluttering to packing, moving, and unpacking at the new home.   We are happy to help in any or all of the steps involved in moving to a new home.  

Are you a moving company?

No. We are not a moving company, but rather Move Managers that will prepare and arrange every step of your move.   We have no trucks and we don’t physically move items.  We do have relationships with moving companies and can make recommendations.  We will arrange for movers on your moving day, once all preparations are made.   Furthermore, we will supervise while the movers load your items, move them and then unload at your new home.  

I don’t feel disorganized. Do I really need a professional organizer?

Though many people are very well organized, they nevertheless can feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand when it comes time to move.   Stress can come from the thoughts of what items to take with you, preparing in time for certain deadlines.  Also many  people need help due to disabilities of sorts, or may be busy professionals who don’t have time to prepare and move.  Organization is important, but there are other aspects involved and where we can help.

When is the time to start an organizing project?                                                                   

Once the decision to move has been made, then its never too soon to start with planning.  We will begin with a consultation during which we will utilize your time schedule for moving, and then build a plan from there.   It can be spread out over months, or done in a shorter period of time.  We will help you with all the planning, including planning for deadlines..

Am I going to have to throw everything away?

Definitely not!   But we also understand that you may own items that you have a powerful emotional connection to. We will work with you to help you make sense of the items in your home and if you want to get rid of some of them, we can help you do that. But the decisions are yours to be made and we will never force you to get rid of anything that you want to keep.

Do I need to purchase containers and wrapping supplies?

No, please don’t, as they can add more clutter.    For local moves, we will provide the wrapping supplies and containers to pack your items.   We’ll supervise the move to the new place where we will then unpack and set up your new home.    Best of all, we’ll then take those supplies and containers back with us and out of your way!   If plans include longer term storage or a long distance move, you will need to purchase those items, and we can help you in making the most economical decisions.

If I decide to get rid of some things, what do you do with them?

We will help you decide what is best to do with the items left.   Some may be worth selling, other items simply donated to a charity of your chose.   Anything left of little or no value can be thrown away or recycled.    We can arrange for the different arrangements or let you do so yourself.  Things can be picked  up or delivered.  For items you wish to sell, we can refer you to appropriate vendors who may be able to sell/auction/consign your items.   We are happy to sell the items for you as well.

I’m ashamed of how bad I’ve let things get and I really don’t know if I can let someone in to see this.

We will never judge you or your space. We work with many clients in many situations and are happy to simply help to organize people’s lives and make for a smooth transition.   

How long with this process take? Will you give me an estimate?

The length of time that it will take depends on you and how quickly you need to or want to move..   With decluttering a space, most of the decisions need to come from you. We find that starting early and working together in 2-4 hours segments at a time are most efficient and prevent from being too overwhelmed.

Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?

Highly unlikely! We have been in hundreds of homes and we have seen all kinds of things! And even if it’s the worst situation we have ever encountered, we are professionals with a high degree of empathy and will not judge you. Please don’t stress — allow us to do what we do best, help you downsize and transition.

Why do you use the Dragonfly?

Most everyone has heard stories of the Dragonfly, any one of which tells of a great metaphor for growth and transformation.  Its a story of a transformation that occurs later in the life cycle of the dragonfly, similar to that of the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon.  But not without similarities to our lives as well.

We think of the Dragonfly and we think of a groovy, tattoo-inspiring insect that can fly in six directions and doesn’t take guff from anyone.   These wonderful Dragonflies spend some serious time, in fact up to 5-years, underwater in what is called a nymph stage.   While propelling itself at lighting speeds through ponds of mucky water, it’s using its extendable jaws to catch and feed on tiny aquatic animals.  But eventually one day, the nymph crawls onto a reed above the water’s surface, emerging from its watery existence to be exposed to air for the first time.   

Like a new lease on life, the nymph quickly adapts to a new environment.  Its old skin is shed as an adult dragonfly emerges, while at the same time beginning to breathe the air.  Once freed, this new life form can fly, going forwards, backwards, up, down, and side to side. It can even stay still in midair. It can cruise the world, at about 15-20 miles per hour, in all its dragonfly glory, gulping up midges and flies along the way.   With this new emergence, it’s has left behind the life of a nymph restricted to the murky waters and now to the freedom of a lightened load, as it twitters lightly through the air.   But what a life!

Similar in ways to our lives, the dragonfly represents how life should be. We work hard most of our lives, trudging through the murky waters.  Then one day we say enough, and we crawl onto that reed and start to breath air for the first time.  Ahead of us, the last portion of our lives too, like that of the Dragonfly, should free us up to spread our wings and fly. Go places we have never been before, do things we have never done.   Being free of the many responsibilities that had tired us down.  This is the time to lighten our load, downsize our homes and unburden ourselves from the things we hold onto. Leave the responsibilities and burdens to someone else and instead be carefree to enjoy what life still has to offer.

And hence the story behind our choosing the Dragonfly!


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