We have your FREE in-home consultation. This is about 1 hour and we decide on which services you might need. Do you want to stay in your home and just need help making it a better, safer, more organized place? Do you want to move to a senior community where you don’t need to worry about cutting the grass, shoveling the snow or cooking all your meals?

We will organize a time line for your transition. When would like to make some of these changes? Are you just starting to think about making the change and only want information on how to start? Are you ready to make the move right away? Remember you can never start to soon.

We develop space planning. If you are going to stay in your home we decide how we can make that happen. Do we need to move your bedroom to the main floor? What about getting in some help? If you are going to be moving, we will space plan using your new residence floor plan.

We will schedule moving services for your upcoming move-in day.

Sue Danielson with Lets Make This Move, did a excellent job. She came in at the last minute and really worked hard.  She knows what she is doing. Sue helped arrange for movers the day before we were to move. We even moved on a holiday weekend.  Everything went according to plan.  I would recommend her to anyone thinking of moving or downsizing. Lillie M.


Determine which items to keep, the things you want to take with you. What items do family members want and when and how are they going to get them? Are there items that you want to sell? When, where and for how much? What items will we donate? Is there a special charity you would like them to go to?

We arrange for pick up or delivery of donations, and make arrangements for the sale of items.

We provide all boxes and supplies at no extra charge.
We will sort, organize and pack items you wish to move to your new residence. All boxes are labeled for easy unpacking on moving day.

We will do the final packing. We make sure all food is transported in insulated containers. All medication will be labeled and stored according to your wishes. If you are using oxygen, we take care that everything is in place and ready to go. If you have pets they will be taken care of also.

We will supervise the movers, ensuring they carefully load and unload all your things at the new residence.

We arrange for the furniture to be placed according to floor plan designs. We will unpack and remove all the boxes. We set up your kitchen and bath. Connect any electronic devices, lamps, clocks etc. We will hang pictures and any shelving needed. And lastly we will have your bed made for you.

We will schedule a 48 hour follow-up visit to make any furniture or decoration changes you may need. We want to make sure you are comfortable.

While the mover is loading the truck, we can arrange to have cleaners clean up your old home, so it is ready for sale or move in by new owners.

We can arrange for shipping of your treasures to family memebers.
We can assist with the shipment or sale of your car.
We can help decorate your new home.
We can shop for you for needed items.

Whether you need painting, new blinds, electrical or plumbing work, we can arrange and supervise it all.


We can assist with all the administrative tasks related to relocation.

We can help you forward your mail and magazine subscriptions.

We can assist with notification to the utility companies and make request changes to your service.

We can assist you cancelling or changing your newspaper subscriptions.


Toni Carter - Owner/Senior Move Manager

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Are you wanting to stay in your home and just need help organizing, to make it a safer and better place to live. Maybe you want or need to downsize into something more manageable. Let us know your needs and we will get right back with you.