De-Stress Your Move! Ten Tips to Rightsize

10. Start Early—End Happy

It’s never too early to begin the downsizing process. Rooms that are used less often are also good places to start simplifying. Begin by focusing on typical problem areas such as the attic, basement, garage, closets, and file cabinets.

9. Get Generous

Since you can’t take everything you own to your new home, now is the time to make arrangements to gift some of your treasures to special people in your life especially, family, helpful neighbors, friends, favorite organizations, community cause, church or synagogue.

8. Save Your Memories

Do you have boxes of old photos from every holiday, vacation, and birthday party? Consider preserving family photos and stories with a customized process of audio and video recordings called life-storying, copy your special photos onto CD’s, or try your hand at scrapbooking. If that seems daunting, many services will take all your photos, slides, and videos and do it for you. See Our Resources

7. New Looks for Books

If you own large quantities of books, it’s important to spend time reducing your collections. Books occupy lots of space are are heavy to move. Consider donations to libraries or senior centers, or sell to used bookstores. Call on a book dealer for older books with potential value. After you settle into your new home, enjoy a visit to the reading room or your local library.

6. Use It Up-Don’t Move It Out

Take an inventory of your canned goods, frozen foods, and paper products. Simplify by using as many of these products as you can before moving. If you have too many of these items, think about passing them on to a local food pantry. See Our Resources

5. Recycle the Toxins

Take time to put together a box or two of household, yard, and automotive cleaning products, as well as paint, that are considered hazardous. Visit for more information on hazardous collection in your area. See Our Resources

4. Don’t Lose Touch

Organize a list of people, places, utilities, and services that need to be notified of your upcoming change in address. Give advanced notice to appropriate family and friends of your plans to relocate. Let’s Make this Move can help with many administrative tasks, just ask! Plan ahead, call Toni at 801-310-3838.

3. Space Plan Ahead

Let’s Make this Move can provide you with a customized floor plan of your new residence. This service helps you determine which pieces of furniture will fit best in your new home, and how to arrange them so that you will feel comfortable in your new space.

2. Pack a Survival Bag

Put together a survival bag for move day. It may include personal needs such as: medications, eyeglasses, toiletries, change of clothes, important papers, keys, and kitchen needs: snacks, drinks, disposable cups, and plates.

1. Ask For Help

Moving is not easy and you shouldn’t do it all yourself, so don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help. Plan ahead—some of these downsizing steps require months to accomplish. Let’s Make This Move will break down the steps involved to help you assess your exact needs, choosing services appropriate for you and your family. Ask for help, make the call 801-310-3838.



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