Moving anytime is no picnic, and moving seniors is usually even trickier. So what happens when you combine an already-difficult task with a pandemic? You learn a few new moves and you call on all your best skills, which is what we do with moving seniors during covid-19.


Moving seniors is already a complicated task. You have to know how much and when to push for minimizing, how much to help and how much to hold back. Usually you do best when you involve family for critical parts of the distribution and decision making.

And all of that is complicated when you can’t get together in large groups to make decisions, to distribute a lifetime’s collections, or to ease the discomfort that always accompanies change and relocation.

So how do you do it?

You first have to work within the constraints that ensure safety. We have a variety of ways to help with the decision making. We can use video conferencing to involve people who otherwise couldn’t be involved due to distance or lifestyle. We can use extra safety measures when we do need to be in the same room. And we can help the loved ones make decisions, then do the heavy lifting—literally and figuratively—for them, keeping them safely out of the way so they are cared for and protected.

The second concern is the emotional well being of our loved ones, and the pandemic has engendered a second dangerous wave of loneliness. To guard against that, we are committed to helping involve everyone who can ease the loneliness or burdens of your beloved family seniors.

When moving is the issue, care is always necessary, and when moving seniors, you want the most care possible. Give us a call; we can help.


Are you wanting to stay in your home and just need help organizing, to make it a safer and better place to live. Maybe you want or need to downsize into something more manageable. Let us know your needs and we will get right back with you.