If you are considering hiring senior moving help, you may find it helpful to understand what we do well, what we can help with, and what you are better doing on your own.  Senior help of any sort can be a sensitive issue, and we have years of experience with all the details, from finding the right place, to the final move in. 

The day will likely come when you have a loved one in your life who needs senior moving help. What can we do?  Well, quite a lot actually.

  • If you don’t all the possible senior living locations and which ones are more independent versus which provide more support, we can help you know your options, including wait listing, costs, amenities, and living atmosphere.
  • If you are downsizing and aren’t sure what will fit or what you will want down the road, we can help you plan your future needs and activities so you can best decide what you will need and what you can do without.
  • In that vein, some things we don’t want to live without, even if we don’t need them. We can help you find a way to keep the memories or find the right family members or charities to keep them.  We understand the difficulty of parting with mementos and books and clothing that have been with you for years and have become part of your life.
  • When the time comes to make the actual move, we can help with packing, moving, and settling in.  We will help you organize the family to do the work or find a reliable moving company to do it for you.  We can help with utilities—shutting some off and getting others turned on.  We can help with unpacking.

When you need help with your senior move, let us make it easy on you.


Are you wanting to stay in your home and just need help organizing, to make it a safer and better place to live. Maybe you want or need to downsize into something more manageable. Let us know your needs and we will get right back with you.